29 September 2006

Improvisational Quilt #1

This quilt was begun this past summer when my husband and I visited a thrift shop in a small town in Ohio. I've always really admired scrap quilts and other kinds of quilts that were made with what was on hand rather than with a set of new fabrics purchased for the purpose of making a quilt. There's something about the ingenuity that goes into using a group of fabrics that 1) had been previously owned and used, 2) came in different weights or materials, 3) came from different people with varying styles and tastes, 4) had been cut and sewn into garments and 5) were all there was. I bought a pile of second-hand clothes with the intention of using them to make small quilted pieces. I wanted to experiment with the limits and inspirations that might come from having a restricted supply of previously cut, sewn and worn fabric. I also planned to work intuitively, cutting mostly without measuring and making decisions about what to add as the quilt developed rather than pre-planning the design. I'm pleased with the energy and playfulness of this piece. It's mostly cotton, 19 x 24 inches. It's interesting to watch the composition of the fabric pile change as I choose to use or avoid various pieces.

27 September 2006

Crow with Heart

The heart carving has found its way into a bunch of new collages, one of which is shown here. Crow has found a four-leaf clover. Another lucky day.

25 September 2006

Buena Suerte

I've been interested in power symbols for a long time. What is it in human beings that makes us want to associate an idea with a particular symbol? Last night I carved this rubber stamp, which includes a whole bunch of wishes for good things. Good luck to you!

22 September 2006

A Rubber Heart

This image, based on an old physiology text, has been hanging around in my mind for a while. This evening, I got it sized up and carved with my trusty linoleum cutter. I think it looks pretty good printed on a nice red cardstock but I may try another version on a finer carving material. I'd like to refine the lines and the shapes of the numbers a bit.

19 September 2006

Coat Hangers and Knitting Needles

I've been feeling really stuck with this piece. It's been hanging half-finished on the wall for months. I finally figured out the words for the last block, finished the last carving, made prints and got all the bits organized. Now, it's ready to quilt. It's really cleared a lot of mental space and made room for some new ideas.

14 September 2006

Spirit Altars

I've been working on trying to articulate just what it is I'm trying to create, The making of images seems to use a different part of my mind than the production of a piece of writing. It's almost like the writer me has to go interview the artist me sometime after the art has been completed to find out what the artist me was intending. I have a long-standing interest in creating images that represent our spiritual searches and sacred connections. My latest pieces are richly detailed, painted and quilted altarpieces to hang alone or include in a larger altar. The images include traditional symbols of luck, love, protection, meditation and earth magic.

They are about:
Communion with the wild things
Connection to all beings
Courage, compassion and good will
Clear visions and sweet dreams
Good luck and best wishes

May all good things come to you.

12 September 2006

Cherries and Abundance

To inaugurate my blog, here's a photo of a small quilted spirit altar. It's a celebration of loving abundance and a crazy cherry print I just bought at the fabric store. This piece has been painted and machine quilted with a bit of handstitching as well.