14 February 2016

The River Road to Lewiston, Maine

A few weekends ago, we took a cold drive to Lewiston, Maine, in search of the last resting place of one of my ancestors.  The cemetery was snowed in and locked up but we enjoyed exploring this classic New England mill town.  Lewiston is home to a community of recent immigrants from Somalia, as well as the descendants of the French Canadian, Irish, Welch, German, Lithuania, Polish and English immigrants who worked in the textile mills in the early 1900s.
Along the river road into town we saw hundreds of crows.
The red brick mill buildings define the urban landscape.

23 January 2016

Improvisational Piecing: Red Sun #1 and Red Sun #2

Red Sun #2 (2015, assorted mostly repurposed textiles, thread, 
10" x 10")

Red Sun #2 (2015, assorted mostly repurposed textiles, thread, 
10" x 10")

10x10 Benefit Art Exhibit & Sale

I'm so pleased to see my piece on the 10x10 website (www.10x10brunswick.org) as part of the illustration for the Review of the 2015 10x10 Exhibition.

10x10 logo for Arts Are Elementary in Brunswick Maine

A Review of 2015 10x10 Exhibition
170 Maine artists : 300 works of art : Benefit Arts Are Elementary

03 January 2016

Interstitial #1 and Interstitial #2 at the 10 x 10 Benefit Art Exhibit and Sale in Brunswick, Maine, September 25, 2015

I stitched these for the 10 x 10 Benefit Art Exhibit and Sale show which is an annual fundraiser for Arts are Elementary in Brunswick, Maine.

According to the website, "Arts are Elementary is a local nonprofit program founded in 1980 that brings visual artists, writers and performer into the Brunswick Elementary schools. The program reaches all children in kindergarten through the 5th grade with a myriad of fun, inspiring opportunities for creative expression." 

Alas, my pieces did not sell, but a family member scooped them up in the New Year for her collection.

Interstitial #1

Interstitial #2

19 September 2015

Harvest Time

The colors of the harvest are almost overwhelming in their beauty... Cherry Tomatoes, Chinese Long Beans, Flamingo Chard, Scarlet Runner Beans…

(And, inside those dry brown pods are shiny purple and black beans from a vine that attracts hummingbirds with its scarlet flowers.)

20 June 2015

Textilian Tri-Animal Bicycle in the Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel

"Waterville art exhibit welcomes trekkers"

"Bicyclists participating in the Trek Across Maine arrived Saturday in Waterville, where Common Street Arts was opening a bicycle-themed exhibit, "Art on Wheels."

Decked-out bicycles such as this one by Brunswick artist Jennifer Beaven greeted visitors and participants in the Trek Across Maine on Saturday at Common Street Arts in downtown Waterville. Staff photo by Rachel Ohm

30 January 2012

Lobster Traps

When I was a kid. lobster traps were all made of subtle grayed wood, but today they are multi-colored extravaganzas of wire mesh, bait bags, net, rope and bricks.