23 March 2011

River Mending

In 2010, flying over South America, I took this photo of a river.

I used the line of the river in this piece, which is about mending.

17 March 2011

Boro Cloth

I just took an on-line class called Contemporary Woven Boro, with Jude Hill, the Cloth Whisperer. I think she is a really fine teacher. Some of my most recent work includes new cloth woven from old cloth, as taught in her workshop.

In the class material, Jude Hill wrote, "Although Boro has become a bit of a trend these days, the raggedy edges and patching and primitive approach to cloth making... there is always a subtle reminder that this was not an intended art form. Or a fashion trend. This was life, mending, thrift, and respect for cloth. This is the result of living small with consciousness of means. The need to stay warm, the patience to repair, restore and to keep going... and the resulting beauty in that."

You can find Jude Hill here: