29 December 2011

Significant Objects

I always like to see personal collections of amuletic objects. Keys rings and fobs are often powerful and significant. Keys provide access to specific areas of the physical world and other objects hold connections to a personal symbolic world. My nephew was wearing this wonderful collection this December.

25 December 2011

The Sum of its Parts

At Christmas, my mother was wearing a pendant I made years ago. It was interesting to notice that after time had passed I could see it as its own whole self instead of as the parts I had combined.

21 December 2011

Infinity Cards

At the December meeting of the Brunswick Arts Collaborative, Lonnie showed us how to make Infinity Cards. Two sheets of paper are folded and glued so that you can open the card sequentially to show four different arrangements of pattern and/or text. Here are some of mine. You can learn how to make an Infinity Card from The Toymaker at http://www.thetoymaker.com/Toypages/61EndlessCard/61InfinityCard.html