23 September 2008

A New Goodwill Quilt

These are some squares for a new piece which will be part of my Goodwill series. The Goodwill quilts are made mostly, if not exclusively, of fabric recycled from second-hand clothing.  I'm liking the look and feel of heavy cotton that's been washed a lot.  The colors are soft and yet have some of the same richness I admire in old quilts.  Every piece of clothing has a story and there's just something about piecing all those stories together, even if I can't read them very specifically.  I wish I still had that pair of lavender bell bottoms I wore for most of 8th grade. That color would be great in a quilt.

14 September 2008

New Collages

These new collages feel full of energies and potentials, strong but perhaps unresolved.  Will the energies expand in a grand explosion?  Will the potentials coalesce or will the tiny black holes absorb everything into black nothingness?  Perhaps time will tell.

14 August 2008

The Miss Worcester Diner

This summer I had a classic diner breakfast in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Sitting in a diner is like playing in a tent made from a sheet over a card table when you were a kid.   It's a whole world, a steamy tin can, a not-quite-real building where someone might bring you hot chocolate if you ask nicely.